Client: 100 Hail Marys
Unisex streetwear fashion

/ Brand identity and positioning
/ Photography
/ Website
/ Design
/ e-newsletters

100 Hail Marys is a unisex streetwear clothing brand based in London and inspired by youth subculture and urban graffiti. We’ve worked with them since their launch in 2016.


Aimed at 18-25 year olds, we created a brand identity which is informed by stencilled street art, a theme which runs across their apparel range and website. We also coined their strapline ‘For the Sinners’.

We designed and built the 100HM online store to incorporate a substantial inventory, discount codes and animated gifs. Our series of marketing campaign templates are regularly used to engage their customer database cost effectively, drive website visits and increase sales.

100HM Website Laptop.jpg
100HM Website Tablet.jpg
100HM Tablet Square.jpg

We shoot in a range of photographic styles for 100 Hail Marys including 35mm, product and lifestyle which is used across their online and offline platforms aswell as on Blossom manages model booking, shoot locations and styling based on the season’s campaign brief.

Blossom Brand Photography 100 Hail Marys 1
Blossom Brand Photography 100 Hail Marys 4
Blossom Brand Photography 100 Hail Marys 3
Blossom Brand Photography 100 Hail Marys 2

100 Hail Marys is competing in an extremely crowded marketplace but we help them to stand out from the crowd and grab attention across their social platforms. We’re informed by the latest trends in engagement and use our creativity to build followers, drive website visits and ultimately increase sales. We also manage their social advertising campaigns.

Sector: Streetwear / Fashion   Service: Brand Identity / Social Media / Photography / Illustration / Exhibition design / Web design