Clothing and merchandise

We've worked closely with a number of lifestyle brands and can leverage our experience to create quality garments and merchandise to suit all budgets. We'll hold your hand through the process and help you select the best products and printing methods and oversee the project from brief to delivery. Give us a call to get some advice. 

Herald Apparel.gif

We’ve worked with cult motorcycle brand Herald Motors ever since they launched their clothing and merchandise offering.


Blossom created the Herald Apparel brand identity, the entire range of clothing, headwear, mugs, leather goods and more.


We rounded off a very successful project  by sourcing models and locations and shooting the lifestyle photography.

Small Fry Logo.gif

Small Fry is an organic children's clothing brand which launched in 2019 and is based in Manchester.

We helped source organic and ethical, unisex kids wear and oversaw the embroidery and printing of their launch collection. 

We're proud to have also created the brand identity and website and continue to shoot photography for the growing local brand.


100 Hail Marys is a streetwear fashion brand based in London and aimed at 18 - 25 year olds.

We've worked with them since 2017 overseeing the production of their extensive range of tshirts, sweaters, hoodies, headwear and bags. 

Staying affordable is a priority for them and their customers and we help them to achieve that.

We've also worked extensively with them to create and build their brand and website.